Start an eCommerce Website

start an ecommerce business

There’s no better time than now to start your own Ecommerce website, with so many people adapting to making online purchases it has never been easier to start a business online. With an estimated 24 million ecommerce stores globally and more popping up each day the market is booming. We’ve put together some key points to consider when starting an ecommerce business. There are many different things that need to be taken into account, so it’s necessary to have a checklist before starting an ecommerce store.

1. Stand out from the crowd

Entrepreneurs are always looking for the right recipe to start an ecommerce website. In the planning stages consider what will set you apart from the competitors in the market. Think what new viewpoint, innovative product, or benefit your products can offer potential buyers.

The most successful brands use it as a key selling point to gain traction for their business. Amazon started off selling books online and the game changer was the ability to quickly get the books into the hands of their customers. Amazon was able to grow quickly because of it’s fast shipping time.

2. Effective Marketing is Important

Once you are able to identify how you’re going to stand out from the crowd the next step to consider is marketing.  All businesses need to thoroughly think of and create a strategic marketing plan to promote their products or services. As an ecommerce business the goal should be to get as many visitors to your website.

Knowing the demographic or audience of customers you want to attract is important to the development of a marketing plan. Is your product created for moms? Teenagers? Or an older generation? Identifying the target audience will aid in the creation of marketing content.

3. Choosing the right platform to start an ecommerce website

Indeed, there are similarities between a standard website and an eCommerce website,but the goal is actually pretty different. Your eCommerce website’s goal is to create conversions, and make money. Choosing the right platform to build your business is important because not all platforms support applications for online product sales. Finding the right platform to meet your business needs will allow you to streamline and guide your customers to shop.

4. Copy writing is essential to conversions

Apart from having a killer product, a strategic marketing plan and using the best platform to build your business, you want visitors to buy! Your website may look amazing but if the written content does not guide visitors to make a purchase then changes to your copy need to be revamped. 

Copy or written content on your page along with visuals of the product is what will attract customers to make a purchase. Visitors can’t touch the products, test them out, or sample them, therefore written content will need to convince them to “add the item to the cart”.

5. SEO is key to start an ecommerce website

To start and design your eCommerce website is a big step into building a brand online, but SEO is key to the growth and development. 

Having the right keywords and fresh new content is what’s going to put you on the Google radar. Google’s rankings are determined by several factors but what gets Google’s attention is the consistent production of content, regular updates, and information that people are looking for.

So having and maintaining a blog is essential to be able to grow the ranks of Google.

6. Visuals help you sell

Not only is an online store essential for modern brands, it also gives you continuous access to potential buyers. Having a visually appealing website makes it easier for customers to like and trust you. Designing eye catching visuals for products, banners and marketing campaigns will attract your ideal customers, and the sales will go up.

Starting and building your eCommerce website is a big decision-

 but we can help you make sense of it. You might want to consider these few things before creating your site from scratch, and we’re here to help with everything else!

Starting an ecommerce business is a challenging as well as a lucrative idea. Before starting one, make sure you have a clear understanding of your business model, your target market and the logistics of the supply chain.

We have all the resources you need and a team ready to help get your business off the ground.

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